About I'll Push You

It all started with three little words.

I'll Push You is an up-close and personal look into the dynamics of a lifelong friendship between two best friends – Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray – as they travel across the Camino de Santiago.

This feature-length documentary (98 minutes) covers the struggle of the 35-day, 500-mile wheelchair journey across mountains, deserts, hills, and valleys and features perspectives from family and friends.

Even though the story begins with the challenge that comes with Patrick's willingness to push Justin in a wheelchair across northern Spain, I'll Push You also explores the struggles related to Justin's rare neurological disease.

The parallel paths of Patrick's experience in Spain and Justin's life journey come together in a singular moment to reveal their similarities where Patrick discovers he's both the pusher and the pushed.

The story's beautiful cinematography is set to poignant music tracks that underscore, perfectly, the inspiring example of love and vulnerability on display.

Their trek in 2014 captivated individuals around the world and was featured on the Huffington Post, The Meredith Vieira Show (NBC), The Today Show (NBC), Megyn Kelly Today Show (NBC), Der Spiegel, Fox & Friends (Fox), and many other news media outlets.

It has also garnished some coveted Film Festival awards such as the Newport Beach International Film Festival's "Audience Choice Award" and the Heartland International Film Festival's "Audience Choice Award."

In addition, they also wrote a book by the same title that was released on June 6, 2017 which instantly skyrocketed to #16 on Amazon and became a best-selling book! 

Since returning from Spain, Justin and Patrick have been sharing their message of hope, faith, and community to audiences worldwide.

Visit the official website: illpushyou.com